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360vital is an innovative start up founded in January 2017 in Austia. Our goal is to provide holistic services and products in healthcare by integrating the power of nature, high-tech science and personal experience in a complementary way.

That’s why we believe that the next level of physical and mental vitality can only be entered by using a 360-degree concept for body, mind and soul. With an effective set of strategies – easy to understand and even easier to apply (incl. the support of mobile apps) – it will be simple to be balanced and full of energy throughout the day while feeling highly comfortable with life.


We are currently developing a product and service line based on the results of 10 years of research and more than 20 years of experience in health promotion and preventive care business. As we have accumulated the meta-data of many dietary, fitness, and health products, which have been on the market for many years now, we intend to provide you with a “best of” – combining the most efficient and effective systems and improving them continuously to the next levels to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Have a look at our Tailored Metabolic System at

Our portfolio will include:

•  tasty and healthy nutrition
•  personalized and effective fitness exercises
•  mental fitness and motivation
•  weight and health management
•  detox and environmental improvement
•  information services straight to the point

All together will be delivered with positive effect on health, physical energy and happiness.

A powerful idea, charismatic founders and a dynamic, passionate and professional team of highly motivated people ready to improve the life of millions.
Dr. Michael Ofner MBA

Owner & CEO


Michael is a creative open-minded thinker whose mission is to provide Pareto- and KISS-Principle oriented solutions for people who want to improve their health and happiness. He is guest professor at Danube University Krems and Medical University Graz where he influences students with his unconventional ideas and motivation. As CEO of Medyco International he has established a leading position in research of complementary medicine and health promotion.


Turn your passion into action

360vital is focused on growing in a healthy, sustainable manner, looking for just the right people to support us in our start-up phase: People who have the potential to assume leading roles in our future enterprise – people with an entrepreneurial mindset, who get things done in a goal-oriented way and who have the ability to turn their enthusiasm into results.

General requirements:

•  Good communication skills, fluent in German and English
•  Digitally oriented (Email, MS Office, mobile Apps, etc.)
•  Proactive in providing solutions and ideas within the work process

We are a dynamically organized team, working from multiple locations with flexible working hours. If you are convinced that our potential collaboration could result in a real win-win-win situation we are looking forward to your application at:

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Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions, proposals or suggestions.

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